xalgo5 : Initial seeding Closed

An innovative algorithm which identifies anomalies in financial data that indicate manipulation tactics. It determines which potential fraud tactics may have caused the anomalies and calculates the probability that manipulation has occurred. By cross referencing the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements over multiple years Xalgo5 is a nonlinear tool that can evaluate over 500,000 possible options per stock via a Bayesian network which is then correlated to the given industry. The data is then classified into 8 tactics for easy visualization of the data.

Part-x : Initial seeding open

Providing the Aerospace industry a unique view of the lineage of the aircraft, replacement parts and technicians.   

BIO-x-blockchain : Initial seeding open


The BioXblockchain is an innovating way for an individual to instantaneously make and or verify streaming transactions based on their pre-established and recorded comprehensive Identity Management datasets (Person Biometric + Core Biographic data).

This unique Identity Management data structure is digitally recorded and therefore can be used as part of any trusted digital transaction shareable among a distributed network data stores.  This unique combination of biometric and core biographic data creates an auditable and verifiable secure data structure of the individual (person) anytime anywhere in an expedited and recorded transition as part of the individual encounter chain of interactions.


Investors and Active Seeders

  • Distruptive Analytics

  • Transparent Insight

  • Crowd and Market Movements

  • Cyber Security & Biometrics

  • Investment Banking - brokerage



Partnerships are the basis for every great business. We are currently seeking additional investors for the open seedlings.  Please contact us these or other ideas, as we are always interested in exploring new frontiers.